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August 17.2022

About i-manager Magazines

i-manager Magazines is a new venture for publishing Weekly and Monthly Magazines by i-manager Group. We are in the process of publishing “WEEKENDER”, a Weekly Commercial Magazine for the local segment and ‘OYLA’ a monthly science magazine to the Educational segment.

“WEEKENDER” would be distributed on all Saturdays and would be enriched with local news and reports, beauty tips, fashion trends, cookery recipe, health tips, star signs, places to visit etc.

"OYLA" is a youth science magazine. OYLA in Kazakh means “Think". Oyla helps students to know History, understand Mathematics and Physics, conduct Chemical experiments and love all the diverse forms of life on Earth.

The focus and content of the magazine are based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts. The main distinctive feature of OYLA Youth Science magazine is that we explain complex subjects in simple words along with informative graphics which makes it easier for young readers.

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